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Thursday, 19 January 2012

What If Your Windows Taskbar Disappeared?

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One of the most annoying problems with Windows is a missing taskbar. If your taskbar disappeared, the problem stems from human error or other factors. However, it is not too hard to recover your taskbar. The taskbar usually exist at the bottom of your Windows screen. However, you may have positioned it on the left or right side of the screen. It may also be "hiding". However, if it hasn't reappeared after a Windows' restart, here are some reasons why the taskbar disappeared.

Reason 1: Taskbar is hiding
A missing taskbar can be the result of the "hide" feature in the taskbar properties menu. Often the taskbar properties can quickly solve your problem, You can use the taskbar properties by using the Windows search feature. Go to the Start menu, type "taskbar" into the search bar then choose Customize the Taskbar. Simply uncheck the Auto-Hide feature.
If your taskbar disappeared, try pressing CRTL-ESC. This will immediately give you access to the taskbar and Start menu, once you have forced the taskbar to appear, you can use the properties menu. Remove the check from Auto-hide feature.

Reason 2: Taskbar has moved
You can sometimes find the task bar hanging out in other positions such as the top and side of your desktop. Move your mouse pointer to see if the taskbar reappears at extreme locations on your desktop. If it's reappears, you can simply click and drag it to other parts of the screen. Once it's in the desired position, lock it by right clicking the taskbar and choosing properties. Finally, choose the lock the taskbar feature by right-clicking to bring up the properties menu.

Reason 3: Taskbar is too small
The bar can reduce and enlarge with ease. However, if it's too thin, it's difficult to see. So if your taskbar disappeared, try searching for a thin line at the previous taskbar site. You can "fatten" the task bar by clicking the edge of the taskbar and dragging it to a larger scale. Be sure that the taskbar isn't locked. If it is, you cannot do this action.
Using the Task Manager
Using the task manager to restart or restore the taskbar is often a viable option. You can open the task manager by simply pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del This will bring up the task manager utility. Once the program opens, choose file then the Run New Task option, type "taskbar" to reset explorer and the taskbar.

Reason 4: You have a virus
One thing to remember about a missing taskbar is that it may just be hiding or obstructed. However, there are some cases were a virus will remove the taskbar completely, in this case, you should run your security software and try to detect the culprit. Often in this case, using system restore may also give you a quick solution to a missing taskbar.