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Sunday, 10 July 2011

What is Input and Output devices?

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Input Device : Input devices are those devices which are used to give instructions to computer. All these input devices are use to give instructions to a computer. Without the help of input devices we will not be able to give any instructions to computer thus computer cannot process for further processing. Thus our work will not done without using an input device. Below are the some images of input devices.

Examples :

  1. Keyboard - Keyboard is an input devices which is used to type any alphabet letters and symbols etc.
  2. Mouse - Mouse is use to give instructions by pointing to a object in computer.
  3. Scanner - Scanner is used for scanning a image.
  4. Light Pen - Light pen is used to give instructions directly to monitor.

Input Devices of Computer

Output Devices : Output devices are those devices which is used by computer to display the results. When we give some instructions to computer it process the data and display it to a output devices. Without the help of a output device we cannot see the results. Below are the images of output devices of computer.
  1. Monitor - Monitor is used to display all the data in computer.
  2. Printer - Printer is used to print data on a paper.
  3. Speaker - Speaker is used to listen songs on a computer.
  4. Headphone - Headphone is also used to listen songs as well as given instructions to computer. Headphone is an input and output device.
Output Devices of Computer
Some more images of Input and Output Devices :

Keyboard - Input Device

Mouse - Input Device

Scanner - Input Device

USB Stick/Pen Drive - Input Device

Monitor - Output Device

Printer - Output Device

Speakers - Output Device